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admissions policy


Fee strcuture from 20th April 2019 - 20th March 2020:

Children aged under 2 years old  

Price available on request


Children aged 2 to 3 years old  

Price available on request


Children aged 3 to 5 years old  

Price available on request


Fees are reviewed annually

For further information on 2 year old funding please see below

2 year old link to Newham


If you think the child qualifies under any of the criteria, email twoyearold.childcare@newham.gov.uk or call 0203 373 0980.

2 year old online checker


Please ask the Nursery Manager for information on Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits. We also offer up to 15 hours per week free for each child between the ages of 3 to 5 years in accordance with the government grant, subject to availability.

A deposit is payable to secure a place at the nursery. Deposits are 50% of the monthly amount payable. The first payment of fees becomes due before the first settling day and the monthly fees thereafter will be due on the 20th of each month, payable for the month in advance.

Your deposit can be offset against your last payment, or can be refunded upon completion of the child's attendance, provided two month’s notice of departure is given at any time after the start date on your application.

You can reduce the amount of days per week by giving a months notice at any time after the start date on your application.

You can increase the amount of days per week by giving a months notice at any time after the start date on your application depending on availability.

Please note that the monthly fee payable is calculated on the basis of 50 weeks per year.

Fees include breakfast, a morning snack, cooked lunch with dessert, afternoon tea time followed by a snack.

Fees Payments

All childcare fees are payable in advance by the 20th day of each calendar month.

Online Payments

To make payments online, please ask us for our account details

Please ask for our Standing Order Mandate Form if you wish to set up a monthly standing order with your bank.

Childcare vouchers

You can use childcare vouchers to pay towards your fees. We accept childcare vouchers from all recognised voucher providers if paid electronically. Please ask your employer about which childcare voucher scheme they use. Any balance due after the voucher payment has been made should be paid by one of the means outlined above.

Late Fees

Payments which are late will be charged at the rate of £10.00 for each day after the 20th (unless it falls on a weekend). If payments are repeatedly late, Dragonfly Day Nursery Ltd has the right to suspend your child’s place until any outstanding payments are made in full. Late payments can and will jeopardise your child’s place resulting in full deposit being withheld.

Late Pick Up

We do ask parents to telephone if they are running late to collect their child. Failure to do so will result in emergency contacts being approached. On all occasions of lateness a £10.00 late penalty charge will become payable for the first 10 minutes and a further £5.00 charge for every 5 minutes thereafter.