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admissions policy


Dragonfly Day Nursery aims to be accessible to the community and this is achieved through a strict and fair admissions policy as outlined below:

From the outset we make everyone aware of our Equal Opportunities Policy (we welcome people regardless of race, gender, ability, nationality, religion or social background).

We have a waiting list which is operated on a first come first served basis. This is achieved through potential parents completing an application form and returning it as soon as possible. Dragonfly Day Nursery will give priority to people wanting a full time place and to any siblings of children already attending Dragonfly Day Nursery.

A deposit is payable to secure a place at the nursery. Deposits are 50% of the monthly amount payable. The first payment of fees becomes due before the first settling day and the monthly fees thereafter will be due on the 20th of each month, payable for the month in advance.

Your deposit can be offset against your last payment, or can be refunded upon completion of the child's attendance, provided two month’s notice of departure is given at any time after the start date on your application. If insufficient notice is given, you will be liable to pay fees in lieu of notice.

We aim to work with our parents to be supportive of their requirements.

Once Dragonfly Day Nursery can accommodate your requirements we offer our parents a viewing of the nursery. We advise all parents to take this opportunity to see the setting, ask any questions you may have about our services and most importantly, we like this to be the first opportunity for the child/children to see what we are all about.

Dragonfly Day Nursery offers all children a settling-in period of three part-time days during the first week of attendance for which there is no charge. Fees become payable as of the fourth day and thereafter.

We expect all parents to complete the following forms before your child can be left at the nursery:

      •   Registration Form

      •   Daily Routine forms

      •   A signed a copy of our Terms and Conditions after Parent/carer has read this

      •   Information and Consents form