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what do I need to bring to nursery for my child?

what happens if my child has an accident at the nursery?

how are complaints addressed?

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Dragonfly Day Nursery believes that a successful partnership with parents will lead to openness and honesty about any concerns, wishes or anxieties a parent may feel about the care of their child. We anticipate that most concerns will be resolved quickly and informally by an approach to the appropriate member of staff (key-person or senior staff). If parents are dissatisfied with the outcome or the way in which the matter was dealt with, then the following Complaints Procedure should be followed:

How to make complaint

1) Any parent/carer who is uneasy about an aspect of the Nursery provision should in the first instance talk over his/her worries and anxieties with:

a) The child’s Key-person or Room Leader

b) The Manager or Deputy Manager

2) If this does not deliver a satisfactory outcome, or if the problem re-occurs, the parent has the right to make a formal complaint in writing.

3) Once a complaint is made the manager will:

 Record the complaint on a complaints form

 Make contact with parent or carer by telephone or in person

 Arrange a meeting

 Inform Ofsted of the nature of the complaint

 Arrange a follow-up meeting to check what progress has been made

4) If the complainant still remains dissatisfied after an internal investigation has taken place, they are entitled to take their complaint to Ofsted.

Contact details for Ofsted: tel.0300 123 4666

  The National Business Unit
  Piccadilly Gate
  Store Street
  M1 2WD

When a formal complaint has been fully investigated, the Manager will ensure that the person who made the complaint is informed in writing within 28 days of the outcome.