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What is a Key Person system and how can this help?

The Key Person system has been designed and put in place to help and support both the child and parents into this transition in life, offering you consistent care and emotional support.

When your child starts in nursery they will be allocated a key person who will take the lead in all aspects of care, learning and development for your child. Your child will also have a second key person so that when the main key person is away there is a familiar and trusted person who knows your child well. These key people will also give you a firm point of contact within the nursery, someone with whom you may discuss changes to care routines or events that may affect your child.

It is widely acknowledged that children settle more easily when home and nursery are ‘joined up’ and this is the principle behind the key person system.

The responsibility of a Key Person is to develop a secure and trusting relationship with their key children and families.

Some of the main roles of a key person are that they are:

•   Here to help your child become familiar with the nursery, staff and routines
•   Ensure we are treating each child as an individual and ensure each individuals needs are being met
•   Responding sensitively to their needs and feelings, ideas and behaviour
•   To be the parents’ main point of contact
•   Collecting observations and evidence which show your child’s progress through the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum)
•   Ensure your child has a profile of this evidence
•   Ensure your child is allocated a peg, spare clothes bag and has a picture on their peg and things are labelled correctly with your child’s name
•   To produce a termly report on your child’s development through the curriculum and ensure targets are met so they continue to progress
•   Liaising with parents as often as possible to maintain a good relationship
•   To ensure celebratory events such as your child’s birthday tea is organised and other relevant special events are celebrated accordingly (often on request parents birthdays are celebrated with a card or special gesture from your child)

What can I expect from my key person?

It is equally as important for the key person and parents to exchange information about the children such as how they are coping, if there are any concerns (such as a child needs some support with their development or potty training), sharing their successes, failures and who they have formed friendships with.