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Dragonfly Day Nursery operates a camera, mobile phone and recording device policy in order to protect children, protect staff from allegations and maintain high standards of care within the setting.



         •   The Nursery forbids the use of mobile phones, personal cameras and recording devices by staff members, students, volunteers and visitors to the setting.

         •   All mobile phones will be kept in a secure place, personal lockers, throughout contact time with children.

         •   Staff members, students and volunteers may access personal devices during breaks however they are only to be used in the staff room.

         •   If you have a personal emergency you are free to use the setting’s phone or make a personal call from your mobile in the designated staff area of the setting with permission from the manager.

         •   Any staff member, volunteer or student found to be using mobile phones or recording devices whilst not on a scheduled break will have the device confiscated by management and disciplinary procedures will be carried out.

         •   During group outings nominated staff will have access to the outing leader’s mobile phone, which does not have a camera and is to be used for emergency purposes only.



         •   Children will only be photographed using the nursery camera and play cameras provided for the children. Cameras are to be handed in to management at the end of the working day to be locked away.

         •   Parents/carers will be invited to record their child’s inclusion in group events at Christmas and other celebrations through the use of photographs or video on the understanding that they will not publish any material on the internet as the Nursery has no control over these images once they are in the public domain.

         •   We will ensure that the children of parents/carers who do not wish their child to be photographed or videoed are provided with other activities. At no time are staff permitted to bring in a camera from home, nor bring their mobile phone into the classrooms, without express prior permission from Senior Management.

         •   If this policy has been agreed and signed, and not adhered to, disciplinary procedures will be followed (refer to disciplinary policy).

         •   Photographs are uploaded onto secure computer which is to stay on nursery premises unless being serviced.

         •   Photographs support the learning of each child’s individual record.

         •   Photographs are used to illustrate work on display around the school building.

         •   Children will only be photographed if written consent has been obtained.