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Dragonfly Day Nursery is committed to ensuring that all staff responsible for the intimate care of children will undertake their duties in a professional manner at all times. We recognise that there is a need to treat all children with respect when intimate care is given. No child should be attended to in a way that causes distress or pain.

Children will be treated with dignity and staff must follow intimate care procedures when carrying out the following:
         •   Changing nappies
         •   Toileting
         •   Changing clothes
         •   Washing
         •   Handling
         •   Administering medication (to be carried out only by appropriately trained staff)
         •   Or any other intimate procedure. Where possible the child’s key person will carry out intimate procedures and ensure their care plan is adhered to.

Children’s privacy will be respected throughout and independence will be encouraged; staff will offer support when this is necessary or asked for.

We will safeguard children by ensuring only staff with a current enhanced DBC and the appropriate training will carry out intimate care procedures. Staff will not be left on their own with children for extended periods of time.

Staff are trained in safeguarding procedures and will report any concerns about their colleagues or children without delays to the management.