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This policy has been written in order to promote the good health of the children in our care, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory requirements.

Children who are taking medication may attend nursery at the manager’s discretion, providing they are not suffering from an infectious illness, are not displaying any signs or symptoms of illness and they are well enough to fully participate in nursery activities.

We do not supply any type of medicines and will only administer medication supplied by the parent for their individual child.


A parent/carer must give prior written permission on the relevant medicine form for each and every medicine before it can be administered; verbal permission will not be accepted.

Instructions and storage

Medication must be in the original container in which it was dispensed, with legible instructions in English.

Medication must be within its expiry date; parents are responsible for the safe disposal of any expired medication.

We will only administer the dosage and frequency indicated on the instructions/prescription label.

Medication will be stored out of children’s reach and strictly in accordance with the product instructions.

Short term medication will be sent home with the child daily and cannot be left overnight in the nursery. Long term medication can be kept in the nursery for as long as it is required.


The relevant medicine form will be completed by the staff member each time medication is administered; a parent will be required to sign this on collection of the child each day.

Where medication is required to treat a long term medical condition, a care plan will be completed by the parent. Long term use of paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin will require a supporting letter from the GP confirming the health condition this is required for e.g. febrile convulsions.