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The rights of children, staff and parents/carers within our nursery are paramount, and to ensure that their safety and security is promoted at all the times through this policy. This is achieved through the following steps:

Child protection

Dragonfly Day Nursery aims to provide an environment that ensures that all children are safe from potential abuse. Any suspicions of potential abuse which disrespects the child’s rights will be investigated supporting by the local authority (Newham Children’s Triage Service) and Ofsted and in extreme cases the Police. Please see our child protection policy for more details.

We will promote and support messages to children about their own safety and protection. This includes aspects such as personal safety, labelling body parts, stranger danger, telling an adult, expressing feelings and good and bad secrets.

The disclosure of information form a child can be very difficult to hear and deal with and the staff here at Dragonfly Day Nursery are trained in following our strict procedures in the event of a disclosure. Guidance and support can be offered if staff find this experience difficult to process.

         •   Our Child Protection Officer (CPO) is: Farjana Begum
         •   Our Designated Safeguarding Co-ordinator (DSCO) is: Kirat Sangha
         •   Newham Children’s Triage Service contact details are:

To make a request for support or protection, please log on to www.newham.gov.uk/triage
In an emergency situation, i.e if a response is needed within an hour, please call 020 3373 4600.

Safer Recruitment

Dragonfly Day Nursery conducts a vigorous recruitment process. This includes all staff to pass an Enhanced DBS (former CRB) check (the DBS number must be logged onto the register) before they can start working in the nursery. In specific circumstances if a member of staff is awaiting their DBS a contingency plan can be put into place during this time. No staff member will be left alone for long periods with individual children. Temporary staff, students and visitors will never be left alone with children and will not take any responsibility for children.


Staff must be professional at all times to help establish a safe environment for parents and their children. It is important that and open and honest relationships are established with parents/Carers from the start to build trust and confidence.

All allegations are taken very seriously and immediate, appropriate actions will be taken following the local authority’s and Ofsted’s guidelines. We follow a strict procedure:

If you believe there has been negligence or misconduct in a workplace then you can ‘blow the whistle’ by contacting Ofsted on:

    Piccadilly Gate
    Store Street
    M1 2WD

Call on 0300 123 3155 (Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.00pm).

Email at whistleblowing@ofsted.gov.uk

For further guidance and support on the matter please go to the following website www.pcaw.org.uk

Staff have the right to complain and the same line of approach will apply to a complaint from staff as is that of a parent. Please see our complaints procedure for more details.

Child protection training for all staff member should be regularly be review and updated accordingly:

         •    Staff members -every 3 years
         •    Managers and DSCO- every 2 years


Our Complaint procedure offers parents to speak to the nursery and/or Ofsted about any concerns that may arise. Please see our Complaints policy for more details.

Health and Safety

In order to make setting as safe as possible and ensure that good hygiene practices are carried on everyday basis, we have our Health and Safety folder and policy and procedures in place, such as:

Contains information on chemicals, risk assessments, play equipment, first aid, sickness, hygiene practices and medication etc.

There is a clear system in place for daily registration of staff, children and visitors on the premises.

Our ratios are:

         •    0-2years 1:3
         •    2-3 years 1:4
         •    3-5 years 1:8

We operate strict policies on the child/children collection (refer to our collection policies and procedures).

Dragonfly Day Nursery is committed to promoting the health and well-being of staff, children and their families; therefore, smoking is not permitted on the premises. Should a member of staff smoke, they will not be permitted to do outside the premises (the nursery suggests they do this away from the nursery and out of site of the children whom they care for.)

Record keeping

All the sensitive records either written or electronic must be accessed, kept and disposed of in line with settings procedures.

Sensitive information concerning the children, families and staff should be shared only with the appropriate person or agency in some circumstances this can be done without parental permission in the event a child may be at risk of harm. It is not acceptable for any member of staff to discuss children, families or other members of staff with other families. If unsure please seek advice with the manager, deputy manager or CPO.

*Our policies and procedures are reviewed annually. They are kept on the shelf in the office and in the staff room.

Record keeping and monitoring

The nursery maintains and monitors all the records for the following:

         •    Accidents and incidents
         •    Attendance
         •    Intimate care
         •    Administration of medication
         •    Sicknesses and illnesses
         •    COSHH data sheets
         •    Fire drills logs
         •    Visitors records
         •    Child development observations