Little Wings

Age Range 2 to 3 Years Old

In Little Wings, our 2-3 year old room, the children are introduced to a bit more structure as they begin to develop their emotional awareness. This space has a lively and energetic atmosphere and is designed to let the children explore and learn with different activities. In this room they will begin their journey of becoming independent toilet users, gain independent skills in self-serving at mealtimes, as well as begin to fulfil their self-care needs such as dressing and regulate their personal needs.

The room is designed to inspire creative thinking and more independent play. Oftentimes children will establish their speech and language development here, which is encouraged through story time. Here they begin to explore their emotions, learn about golden rules as well as self-care through our daily routine. This room is transformative for the children as they begin to grow into little people. Our experienced team in this room are there to help and guide both you and your child through these changes as they happen – there is no mountain too large for us to climb together with you as families.

As with all the rooms, our ‘Key Person’ system ensures that each child’s individual needs are met and that their Learning Journey is specific to them. Their development is carefully documented and shared with parents using our online platform.

There are new age-appropriate activities for the children to explore. Dragonfly has its ow outdoor play area which the Little Wings room have full access to daily, allowing the children to further explore. The garden has a host of toys and activities, including a mud kitchen, bikes, a ‘construction zone’ and a swing set. We encourage the children to make use of the outdoor facilities daily.