Butterfly Room

Age Range 3 to 5 Years Old

Butterfly Room is for our pre-school aged children, which is separated into learning and creative zones for each child to explore throughout the day. Here, the structure of the day is given more emphasis as the children are beginning to prepare for school life. Our Butterflies are still offered free play, which is child led, however we also offer topic related adult lead activities with a more focused learning intention. These activities are personalised for individual children with carefully planning and consideration, to support the child’s development and progression.

The room boasts a dynamic role play area, inspiring creative and imaginative play. There are also designated tables for each area of learning, and the activities displayed vary based on the childrens interests. We have a large, carpeted area where the children can take some time to themselves or sit in a group for circle and story time. The Butterfly Room leads out into a large garden, equipped with an array of activities. The entire nursery has access to the garden which we encourage the children to use daily.

For mealtimes, the children always sit on communal coloured tables with their peers. They are encouraged to independent by serving themselves from serving trays, as well as clearing away their plates at the end of the meal.

The children are encouraged to visually risk assess themselves by making sure the floor is clear of toys, that spillages are cleared up and that chairs are tucked into the tables. Our combination of age-appropriate indoor and outdoor areas allows for all of the children the opportunity and the space they need to grow, learn and explore in preparation for their school years ahead.