Our Team

Dragonfly Day Nursery believes that recruiting staff with the right skills and abilities is essential to meeting our goals and aspirations. We have therefore established a robust induction programme to ensure that on commencement of their employment our staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to begin their career with us.

Our diverse and experienced team of staff are selected for their ability to provide warm and consistent care, and for their understanding of the developing physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the children. Members of staff are qualified to a minimum of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) level 3 for nursery nurses/room leaders, and NVQ level 2 for nursery nurses.

We are committed to continuing professional development by actively encouraging our staff to attend external training courses so that they can benefit from industry expertise outside of the nursery. Staff have completed training in first aid, health and safety, food hygiene, behaviour management, safeguarding, SEN, ‘every child is a talker’ equal opportunities and diversity. Training needs are individually assessed and further training is provided as required.

Whilst the top priority of our team is to ensure the health and safety of the children all the time, we also aim to make the time that your child spends with us an enjoyable learning journey, which enables them to learn, develop and have FUN!