Settling In

Although you may view your child’s first day at nursery as a daunting experience, be assured our nursery practitioners are experienced at helping you and your child settle in. Please see below for some tips on how to assist in making this an easy transition and enjoyable time for both you and your child.

In the run up

Your key person will make their first contact with you the week before your child is due to settle into the nursery via telephone. This will be a brief introductory call where they will confirm details for your child’s start and give you a short run through of what you and your child can expect during their settling in period. In some circumstances, a home visit may also be arranged at this point. The purpose of the settling in week is to give you an opportunity to establish a positive relationship with the nursery team as they get to know you and your child. Although all our staff will be responsible for your child’s development and welfare, the key person will maintain a close eye on your child and be your main point of contact at the nursery.

In the weeks prior to the ‘big day’, talk to your child about the new experience they are about to embark on, mentioning all the new and exciting things they will be doing. This also applies to babies, as even they will pick up on the positive messages you give them about this transition. If this is the first time your child is going to be separated from you, you could help them prepare by spending short periods of time apart in the lead up to their first day.

We will ensure there is a two-way relationship between you and the nursery. We request that you provide us with details of your child’s requirements and preference prior to their first visit. This means that their key person will then be equipped with the knowledge to ensure they can welcome and settle your child into nursery life with all the information you have offered. No question is ever a silly question, and we encourage families to take an active role in nursery life. Once they have arrived, we have a 5-day settling in period.

Dragonfly Day Nursery has an open-door policy, and should you wish to come and spend some time in the nursery with your little one, you are always welcome.