Caterpillar Room

Age Range 0 to 2 Years Old

Our baby room, otherwise known as the Caterpillar Room at Dragonfly, is a calm environment which has been specifically designed to offer an intimate and secure space to help settle your little ones into nursery life. Our space provides the children an opportunity to begin their cognitive, sensory and visual development with the assistance of the practitioners and the equipment.

The Caterpillar Room has access to its own bathroom with toilets as well as a designated nappy changing station to enable us to maintain routines started at home. Sleep time is another important part of their day and is incorporated into nursery life after lunch, when the main space is transformed into a sleeping area, equipped with designated beds as well as cots for those who require them.

At Dragonfly we promote healthy eating as we understand the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet from an early age. Our meals are freshly prepared daily onsite by our inhouse chef, who works alongside our management team to ensure that the children have a varied menu, which changes with the seasons. The Caterpillar Room supports all stages of weaning, and the staff work with parents by providing weekly weaning charts as well as ensuring that they encourage their children to try all high-risk foods at home. At mealtimes, we encourage the children to sit together on communal tables and have a ‘family style’ meal to promote British Values. We understand that as the children are growing and exploring through crawling that a lot of time is spent on the floor, therefore parents and visitors are urged to remove outdoor shoes in order to maintain good hygiene and keep the floor ‘germ free’.

All of our staff in the baby room are experienced practitioners who keep up to date with current initiatives and recommendations relevant to working with under 2’s. They excel at developing parent partnerships, are kept up to date with changes in legislation and are always given opportunities to upskill through training. Every effort is made to continue with routines established at home when babies first join us. As they begin to settle in, grow and develop, the children will naturally follow suit in Dragonfly’s daily routines.